Uber Soccer Super Jumbo Soccer Ball

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Product Description:

  • [SUPER JUMBO] The Uber Super Soccer Jumbo Soccer Balls is 72 inches circumference!
  • [DURABLE] This balls is made from layers of PU and poly cotton stitched together as panels, just like a traditional soccer ball.
  • [FUN] This is a real soccer ball! Not an inflatable toy. While magnitudes larger than a normal soccer ball, it feels and plays just like a real soccer ball.
  • [HUGE] This ball is 19 TIMES larger than a normal soccer ball, it's really big!
  • This ball ships deflated. We recommend using either an electric air pump, compressor, or large hand pump to inflate. Due to the massive size of this ball, it might take several minutes to fully inflate.

Made from the same materials as our normal Trainer balls, this Jumbo Soccer Ball is like no other! It carries the same feel and flight charactersitics as a normal soccerball, along with the durability of a multi-paneled, hand stiched ball. The Jumbo Soccer Ball by Uber socer measures 50 inches (over 4 feet!) in circumferance, this is not an inflatable toy like other balls, this is a real soccer ball with an enhanced latex bladder that will keep this ball inflated after the most powerful kicks. 

WARNING: This ball is so large that we reccomened using either an electric air pump, or at the very least a large bicycle pump, due to the sheer size of this ball, it may take several minutes to fully inflate. 

This ball ships uninflated to decrease the cost of shipping.