Uber Soccer Power Speed Resistor X-Harness

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Product Description:

The Power Speed Resistor X-Harness by Uber Soccer is great for increasing your explosive speed, power and lower body strength. Perfect for training the first 5 to 20 yards of a sprint. The sprint harness is intended for training drills which incorporate pulling or running in forward motion but can also be used for drills going backward and laterally. The Speed Resistor vest is ideal for explosive speed training. This can be achieved by having one player manually resist another player. Then at the end of a sprint or mid-stride the partner lets go of the tow strap for a burst of speed. Athletes who have enough agility to maintain their motion and sustain top speed during directional changes will have a huge advantage on the field or court. Quick stops, starts, and reaction times start with a low center of gravity and precise control over the muscle groups that contribute to speed. These are the muscles of the core, hips and quads. In addition to strength in these muscle groups and a low, controlled body posture, players have to develop a strong sense of balance to be able to execute rapid direction shifts without sliding, falling, or losing their step. The Uber Soccer X-Harness is designed to be used over shoulder pads for in-season use. The chest harness includes a hook fastening heavy-duty nylon tow strap.

Perfect for soccer, tennis, football, lacrosse, field hockey, track and field and more. A great training tool for athletes, coaches, trainers and sports teams.

  • (1) Speed Training Power Harness - Adjustable; (1) Nylon Webbing Tow Strap;
  • Perfect for Sprint training; Lateral shuffles; Explosive speed training
  • Aids sprint acceleration; Anarobic endurance; Lower-body strength
  • Set includes an adjustable heavy-duty nylon harness and hook fastening nylon webbed strap
  • Use for Speed, Agility, Endurance and Team Sports Training