Uber Soccer Power Speed Resistor Double Chute with Harness

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Product Description:

The Power Speed Resistor Double Chute by Uber Soccer is the ideal training tool for athletes wanting to improve their burst of speed explosiveness and their multi-directional quickness. If you're serious about power training, then consider the Double Chute. This high quality resistance training tool has two parachutes that both deploy to 48 x 48 inches and will provide approximately 20 pounds of resistance per chute during your sprint training. A 48-inch or medium size chute is an ideal fit for someone who is 170 pounds or heavier.

The power chute resistor provides progressive resistance, meaning the faster you run, the more it drags. No matter how fast you run, it provides enough resistance to increase strength. That's why it's effective for every ability level. You can start your workout with a single chute and then add the second chute to increase the difficulty level. The waist harness is adjustable from 20 inches up to 42 inches. The dual chutes attach to the harness with Velcro that can easily be detached at the end of a sprint or mid-stride to build that sudden burst of energy, as if a bullet being shot out of a gun. The Uber Soccer Double Chute includes (2) parachutes, an adjustable nylon waist harness and nylon transport storage bag.

  • (2) Speed Training Resistor Chutes - 48 inches each; (1) Nylon Waist Harness - Adjustable; (1) Nylon Transport Storage Bag
  • Perfect for resistance training; Sprint training and improving leg strength
  • Aids top-end speed; Speed acceleration; Stride frequency and length
  • Start with a single chute; Add the second chute to raise difficulty level
  • Use for Speed, Agility, Endurance and Team Sports Training

Perfect for soccer, tennis, football, la crosse, field hockey, track and field and more. A great training tool for athletes, coaches, trainers and sports teams.