Garden Croquet Set - 4 Player 9 Hoop Version

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Product Description:

  • Uber Games 4-Player Garden Croquet Set
  • [MALLETS] (2) 38" Mallets - 9" x 3" Round Hardwood Head | (2) 34" Mallets - 9" x 3" Round Hardwood Head
  • [BALLS] (4) 12oz Wooden Croquet Balls - 3 5/8" diameter - Red, Black, Blue, Yellow
  • [ACCESSORIES] (9) Steel Croquet Wickets - 17.5" tall, 4" wide | (1) Hoop "Smasher" rubber mallet | (4) Corner Flags | (2) Hardwood Center Peg - 21" Tall, 1.5" in diameter

The 9 Wicket Croquet Sets by Uber Games are a very high end, full sized croquet set for those with exceptional standards in quality. They are beautifully crafted with only the highest quality wooden materials. Each mallet weighs approximately 3 pounds to provide an excellent balance of feel and power. The set also includes (4) Croquet Balls; (9) Steel Croquet Hoops; (2) Hardwood Center Pegs with Toppers. The steel hoops are powder coated to the correct height in order to leave the regulation 12 inches above the ground when installed.

These high-quality Uber Games 9 Wicket Croquet Sets can be played at home in the backyard by the family or used by experts since they have all the extras that professional players expect. The regulation size composite croquet balls on our premium sets offer more durability than the traditional wooden croquet balls and are higher quality than most competitor sets. There are also some additional accessories added to our premium sets such as corner flags, a hoop drill, a hoop mallet, yard markers, and brass rings on the mallet heads for more durability.

The Uber Games 9 Wicket Croquet Set is highly durable and is sure to last for years to come no matter which style you choose.

Can easily be customized with paint, stencils or laser engraving for that personalized feel.

These sets are the USA version of Croquet which uses 9 wickets or hoops versus the UK version which uses only 6 wickets.

Note: Please refer to the product features for detailed specifications and accessories included with each set.

Note about croquet balls. We make two types of croquet balls, wooden balls, and composite balls. Wooden croquet balls are balls used on entry-level, high-quality croquet sets. Composite croquet balls are used in the higher quality, croquet sets. This set contains wooden balls that are painted. It is not unusual for the paint on wooden croquet balls to begin chipping from the first use. If you have a concern that the paint on your croquet balls will chip, we suggest you go with a set that contains composite croquet balls. 


  • (4) Hardwood Mallets; (4) Croquet Balls; (9) Steel Hoops; (2) Hardwood Center Pegs with Topper
  • Includes (4) Mallets: (2) 34 Inch Mallets and (2) 38 Inch Mallets.
  • Steel Hoops powder coated for durability and regulation height above ground; Wooden or Composite balls

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Shipping Info:

Shipping information:

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Freight Dimensions:

Box #1 - 30" x 10" x 10" - 25 lbs

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What's in the Box?

  • (4) Hardwood Mallets; (4) Croquet Balls; (9) Steel Hoops; (2) Hardwood Center Pegs with Topper
  • Includes (4) Mallets: (2) 34 Inch Mallets and (2) 38 Inch Mallets.
  • Steel Hoops powder coated for durability and regulation height above ground; Wooden or Composite balls